Saturday, July 12, 2008

Uncle Shanes Birthday

Jyllian LOVES birthdays. She gets so excited and is the QUEEN of Birthdays. She has been counting down the days to the next birthday since her birthday in June. We told her Uncle Shanes was as it got closer she got more and more excited. The day of, Justin and Jyllian ran to Casper shopping for his present. Jyllian wanted to get him....SQUIRT GUNS! She is on this squirt gun kick as her Bapa (Justin's dad) got squirt guns for his birthday too. They looked all over but no squirt guns so instead she decided she would get him a bubble gun---they play bubbles all the time. Jyllian also picked out the cake--Scooby Doo! Granted it was a girl Scooby Doo cake but at least Shane likes Scooby Doo. Too cute. We went out to dinner--Fort Diablo in Glenrock--very YUMMY and then went to mom's for presents and cake. Jyllian had to remind me about the balloons and candles. She is so on top of things. So we got the candles on the cake and blew up some balloons. I told you she was the birthday QUEEN! Remember everything. Uncle Shane came in the door and she screamed SURPRISE!!! We sang and he blew out the candles and we ate cake. It was yummy. Then it was present time--Jyllian was sooo excited about his bubble gun. She said "You can share it with me!" They had a blast playing the bubble machine. FUN! He also liked what he got from everyone else. It was late so we headed home, Justin went to work to do some overtime, and Shane...well he went out to celebrate :)
Next birthday---Daddy's! We're already planning something spectacular :)

Cake prior to candles!
With Candles
Jyll and Uncle Shane

Blowing out the candles. She is such a big helper! She even helped open the gifts :)