Saturday, June 27, 2009


We went camping this weekend and we really did enjoy it but I do have to say that I am not too sure that we will do much camping this summer because of our littlest boy Cohl. He enjoyed himself....but it was difficult having him there. He is really beginning to walk good at home HOWEVER that is with no shoes and on level ground both of which are not at the lake! So because of this he was either upset that he was crawling and get poked by numerous things or he was upset that he was being held and couldn't be walking around. Also he wouldnt sleep so I had to take him on drives to get him to nap so needless to say it was not as much fun as I wanted it to be with him. But give him a year and he will have a blast! Cohl also did not have the best week as he had a terribly high fever that made him end up here....
Yes the ER! Poor little guy had a fever of over 104 for two days so we finally decided we better get him in the Dr, but of course this had to be the day that our Dr.'s office is closed in the afternoon so off to the ER we went. After poking him a few times they finally got an IV in and after drawing some blood and getting a urine sample they were able to tell us that he had a UTI. So bless his little heart but we were thankful it wasn't anything more major. We can handle a UTI and we are already going to see the urologist next week for his year checkup. We were really hoping the VUR (the urinary reflux that he has) would have fixed itself by now, but guess it hasn't. So we will see. So I think this helped in the fact that he was not the Happiest "CAMPER" hehe!
There was a group of us for sure. Not counting Justin because he had to work nights all weekend, we had 15 of us! Wow. We had family friends from Colorado and New Mexico come up and it was really nice having them here and getting to hang out with them. We don't do it nearly enough. So it was fun. We will see when we decide to do this again. We are on the hunt for a camper....we will see if we end up buying one this year or waiting until next, but definatly a camper is a must with little ones :)

Tomorrow I am off to Jackson Hole for a few days for a Conference for work. I am really looking forward to going to Jackson but know I will miss my kids and Justin here. So we will see how it goes. One thing for sure I know I will get some beautiful pictures that I will post when I get back home!!!!