Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Week in Review

My second week home has been a good one. I kinda feel like I'm getting a taste of being a stay at home mom--I"m really enjoying being home with them all the time. But oh my when the weather is poopy it really makes it difficult to keep them entertained! And boy have we had poopy weather. We've had spring like temps and tons of rain all week actually for the last two weeks and quite honestly I am sick of it. I know it will make it all pretty and green around here which is what I want, but does it seriously have to rain every day all day for two straight weeks?!?!? I wouldn't think so :) So here is our pictures and some words to explain!

MONDAY: After I got back from bringing my cousins and auntie back to the airport and doing a little shopping by myself I came home and fed the kids before putting them down for a nap. I gave Cohl jell-o and he loved it as you can see :) Not much else exciting to report from Monday!

TUESDAY: It was raining all day on Tuesday. It was ridiculous. So I brought out the ol' Preschool Workbook and Jyllian went to town. She actually loves doing "school-work" and so this was the perfect gift for her "pretend" birthday we had during the Cousinfest! Cohl got to have a snack and watch. He enjoyed that too!

WEDNESDAY: Yay it finally cleared up long enough to go for a walk. Jyllian rode her bike while I pushed Cohl in the stroller. It was beautiful out and we enjoyed getting outside. Jyllian had to stop to pose in front of a big rock that one of the houses in the neighborhood had for their landscaping. She is such a silly girl! She loved riding her bike and is soo good at it. Cohl enjoyed the stroller ride. He was so relaxed by the time we got home. When we got home Jyllian decided she wanted to water our bushes--5 out of the 6 are doing really well but the one kind of got blasted with the wind and didnt get as much water starting out so it started to die, but luckily I was able to save him and bring him back to life. He now has green leaves again! Yay!!!!

THURSDAY: Its rainy again today--ALL DAY LONG so another inside day. In between storms we went outside and played on the new swingset but it didn't last long. Cohl and Jyllian entertained themselves chasing each other. They are too funny!

FRIDAY: By Friday I was done being in the house. I was done with the rain so when Justin woke up (it was his first day off after working nights all week) I said we are getting out of town. We got dressed and headed to Casper. We went and bought Cohl and new carseat as we've decided whether he is big enough weight wise or not he is getting a big boy carseat. We've put him in Jyllian's a few times and he loves being forward facing! So we bought him a new car seat, some tools for Justin which made him very happy, and some finger paint for Jyllian which made her really happy...I got nothing :) We headed to the mall and walked around and then headed to Applebees for an early dinner. Justin's dad had gotten us a giftcard for our anniversary so we used it. It was yummy. They have changed their menu and its good again! So the pictures here are from Applebees and Jyllian being silly!

SATURDAY: Mom, Jyllian and I went to some garage sales. I was in search for a small frig for the garage to hold beverages as I'm tired of them taking up space in my frig. But no luck. We actually didn't find many of the garage sales still up and running. Must have been a bad day for it. We ate lunch and came back to the house. Justin mowed the yard which I love when he does it b/c the yard looks soo nice! We've worked really hard on the front yard to make it look presentable and I finally feel that its coming together. The grass still has some patches that need to be filled in but mostly looks really good. So after looking at the yard we decided we need a tree so off Justin went in search of a tree and some bushes/shrubs for our flower garden. 20 mins later he returned with a tree and 2 shrubs! Yay!!! So we started getting busy planting the tree and shrubs. The kids slept and I talked on the phone to my bestest friend Diana who I hadn't talked to in FOREVER! Afterwards we all got cleaned up and headed to Glenrock to the Paisley Shawl which is a fine dining restaraunt. We had a gift certificate and we invited mom and Jerry. It was good but not the place for kids :) Still it was nice. So the pictures for today are of the yard and the finished look! Too bad I didn't take before and after... also pictures of Cohl in his big boy seat going to eat dinner and his cute little baby feet...and then on the way home he was NOT happy. By the time we got home the last picture was his face :) He went to bed shortly after!

SUNDAY: Today was a good day...but it was a long day. Justin got up at 5am to go fishing with a friend and we later met them at the lake to have a picnic. It was nice to go visit with some friends and go to the lake. The weather was already starting to turn crappy and so we had to cut the trip short. We came home put the kids for a nap while Justin and I worked on the back yard a little bit. Cohl and Jyllian played in the cupboards. This is Cohl's new fun "TOY" its pretty cute! He will hide int he cupboard and when you find him he just laughs and laughs! Too cute :) We also played with sidewalk chalk and Cohl really enjoyed that as well as you can see! We played catch in the backyard (I'm playing on a softball league and we have a game tomorrow...lets just say I'm not very good and needed some practice!) Jyllian got hurt on her swingset--swinging on her stomach and fell off landing on her nose. It of course bled and I thought she broke it (I always think the worst!) and so we were done. Justin was exhausted and Cohl too so they all went to bed early and I was left by myself so what did I do?!?! BLOG! Aren't you glad though because now you know what our week was like :) It was fun wasn't it!!!

This will be a good week. The weather is supposed to be really nice and starting to get a lot warmer. Jyllian turns 4 on Tuesday and we plan to head to the pool with some of her friends. And Saturday is her campout in the backyard :) Its going to be great. Look for some great pictures of her birthday festivities to come...