Friday, June 19, 2009


For those of you who live far away and haven't gotten to see our house....I feel comfortable enough with our landscaping (we still have a lot to do) to show you our new house :) Only a year later. So this is our lovely home we do truly love it. We love the neighborhood, lots of young people and kids which is exactly what we wanted and looking out our back window we feel like we live in the country even though we really don't. It has the space we wanted and the fact that its brand new was even better. We are working slowly on the basement and finishing it...but its a work in progress as is our yard. Regardless this is our humble home!

Front of the house
Back yard--grass is coming in--again work in progress
Iris' that I planted in the flower bed

Looking out the back door--the circle path and fire pit that you can see because of the chair :)

Our "Playground" I feel like we have a daycare in our house or something :)

Our tree we planted in the front yard

View from the street--we still have some patches we need to fill in the front yard

All the gravel work we did and the shrubs we planted
So thats it! The outside at least. Maybe one day I will be brave enough to the do the inside :)