Tuesday, June 09, 2009

May 29th-May 31st

May 29th--Our anniversary! 5 years ago on the 29th of May I married my best friend, my soul mate. I couldn't be happier with our life together. We have a lot of great memories and I know we have a lot more to come. I look forward to the rest of our lives together to see what this time will bring! It makes me excited to think about it.
For our anniversary we headed to Denver with NO kids! Talk about something fabulous :) my mom graciously took our kiddos for the entire weekend. We dropped them off on Friday when she got off work and took off. This was also my last day of work! Wooohooo what a great way to celebrate both our anniversary and the end of a wonderful school year. We got to Denver around 8pm and was surprised to see our motel! Justin kept everything a secret so it was just so nice to be surprised. It was fabulous. We relaxed at the motel Friday night and had a few drinks in the bar and just toasted the last 5 years and the years to come. On Saturday morning we headed off to the 16th Street Mall. Wow! It was beautiful down there and was fun to watch all the people and stroll down the mile of shopping stores. We ate at the Cheesecake Factory! YUMMY!!!! e then went back to the motel and laid out by the pool. I got a suntan while Justin read a magazine, swam in the pool, worked out in the fitness center and sat in the hot tub! We headed up to the room to prepare for our dinner reservations. I was the navigator however since I din't know where we were going I was really confused. Justin had printed off a map, but still it didn't help me. We drove up to the Melting Pot--still no idea what this would entail! Boy did we ever enjoy it though! It was by far the best restaraunt I have ever ate at and if you have the chance to go you have to!!! Our reservations were at 4:30 which was the latest we could get in and we didn't not leave until 7:00. This was not because the service was terrible--EVERYTHING and I do mean everything was cooked fondue right at our table. It was a full course meal with cheese fondue to start off, then salads, then the main dish and then desert! YUMMY!!!! Quite expensive but well worth it. I have never ate fondue before and I think I am addicted now. I am ready to buy my own fondue machine :) It was also very romantic. We ordered a bottle of wine (Justin and I do not drink wine so we had to go off the waiter's suggestion), Justin had ordered flowers to be at the table and our table had a view of the mountains! Just the most romantic place!!!
Sunday we headed towards home and stopped in Loveland at the outlets to get Jyllian some birthday presents. We got home around 5:00pm and went and got the kids and just relaxed. It was the best weekend! I look forward to our 10 year anniversary to see what they holds for us!

My hadsome husband!!!
Looking down from the elevator on our floor--11th floor

Me and my hubby!

Happy Anniversary Justin! I love you more everyday. I couldn't ask for a better husband, best friend or father to our children. Thanks for putting up with me for the last 5 years of marriage but 9 years total! I love you!!!!