Saturday, April 11, 2009

Look's Who Is a Big Boy!!

And no I don't mean Justin!!!! :) Cohl is drinking out of a sippy cup! Yay!!!! Not even one yet and already drinking from a sippy cup. Granted he still drinks from his bottle too, but I'm happy that he is at least attempting to drink from something else. Jyllian really stuggled with giving up her bottle so we will see if we can get Cohl to kick that habit before Jyllian did!

In other news Cohl is also eating more and more table food. It is difficult with so many things because of his allergies, but we are attempting to give him as much table food as we can. We found that he absolutely loves dried fruit so we have been giving him that, and he likes bread (what child of mine wouldn't LOVE bread!), and ham, green beans and peas (not a huge fan of the baby food version though). So as long as we keep the milk products away he is good to go! He is also getting two more teeth! What a big boy. Bless his heart he has been fighting a cold on top of getting teeth. Poor thing! He loves to walk along the furniture and has attempted his first step from the chair to the ottoman which was a couple feet away from the chair, of course he didn't make it but he tried. We found a walker today and have tried that and he loves it so I'm sure he will be walking before we know it. He loves to say Dadda, Hi, Nigh-Nigh, Momma, huh, bad and down. Its cute he tells the cat and dog "down! and bad!" Hmmm do we say that too often :) Can you believe he turns a year in three weeks! Ahhhhh where in the world did the time go? I'm sad yet excited as I love this stage in their life. Its too cute and fun! Tonight we'll be dying Easter Eggs so I'll be sure to post some pictures of that soon!
A Special Happy Birthday to Stacey in Japan! Hope you had a great day we love and miss you!!!