Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wonderful Weather but NOT Wonderful Health

We've been feeling under the weather here lately....but that is not at all what the actual weather has been like! It has been BEAUTIFUL the high 60's low 70's! Goregous out...too bad for us that we are not feeling the best to go out and enjoy it. Jyllian and I both have come down with what Justin had last week. YUCK! Poor Jyllian has had a fever for the past 3 days and as long as her fever stays away she feels ok with the exception of her awful cough! I feel so bad for her. She is just miserable. I on the other hand started to feel icky on Sunday and by Monday I knew I had it too. My voice is almost gone, my throat hurts and I too have that terrible cough...POO!!! So we're hoping that we get better soon. The weather of course is supposed to be crappy this weekend with rain and you guessed it SNOW! Whats up with that?!?!?

We're not the only ones battling some health issues. We are actually quite fortunate, I mean really really fortunate that this is all we have going on in our lives. For these other people its much more serious and I hope that you will take a minute to read their blog and PRAY hard for their little ones!

I'm sure you remember me asking for prayers for this little baby girl back in December and a lot has happened since then. She actually was doing awesome and once again was so close to getting to come home....and then she had surgery and they are now thinking that she is brain dead. Can you imagine what her parents are going through?!?!? They could really use your prayers!


This sweet little boy Ethan was born with several birth defects but one required him to have open heart surgery at only 3 days old. Poor little guy! He too was doing really well after the surgery and was looking at getting to come home this weekend and then today he started to go downhill. They are not sure why but all of a sudden his heart stopped! He stopped breathing and coded. Oh tears just come to my eyes thinking about it! They have revived him and he is now in ICU and they are possibly going to put him in ECMO which is a heart and lung bypass. I cannot even imagine what they must be going through and they definatly could use our prayers! Ethan's parents are good friends with Diana (my bestest friend from back in NC) and her husband Jason.

These are just two of the little ones out there that I'm praying for tonight! It really makes you realize how lucky you are if you have healthy babies!

We love you all!