Thursday, April 09, 2009

One of many Easter Dresses...

Today Jyllian had preschool and had her Easter Party so of course we had to get all dressed up :) She had gotten 3 Easter dresses this year so we had to be sure to wear them all. She LOVES dresses and I knew she would end up wearing each and every one of them. I never have gotten those dresses that are just too frilly and fancy that she will never wear them again, there are always springy and cute but something we could wear over and over again because she loves them. She is all girl for sure! So she had her party today and told me that she had to bring her bunny to school. I am still not sure this was the truth :) but still she got to bring him. She got the bunny last year from Uncle Shane for Easter.
She had a great Easter party. This was the only party that her daddy was going to be able to go to and of course Cohl had to be cranky and tired and so he couldn't make it. I think he made the last 30 minutes of it, but oh well. There will plenty more holiday school parties to come. She said she enjoyed it. She had a very busy dad though as daddy had to go teach at the Police Academy and so her friend Brook and her grandma came over to watch Jyllian and Cohl while he was gone. She also got a surprise visit from Justin's cousin Sherri and Jesse. Jesse leaves for Iraq for the 2nd time next weekend so they came through on their way to Denver to see the kids and Justin before he left. Hopefully this will be the last time he will have to go! Thursday night Justin and I had volleyball that Jyllian was determined to come to, so Grammy came over and watched Cohl while the three of us headed to the gym to play some v-ball. We had 2 games so we were there for over an hour and Jyllian did awesome! She played and helped keep score and was the ball getter :) had lots of fun. So it was a busy busy day for her but did great. So here are some pics of the pretty girl!