Thursday, April 30, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday!!

Today is Cohl's first birthday. It was funny earlier today I was sitting in my classroom while my kids were busy working and my para (Teri) said "11 years ago today I was sitting at Sea World in California"...I looked at the clock and it was the exact time that Cohl was born a year ago and I said "a year ago right now I had just delivered a baby!" She laughed and said I won! It seems so sureal that I had a baby one year ago, it just doesn't seem possible that a year has passed. What a year it has been filled with lots of wonderful memories that mainly have been captured in pictures! Thank goodness for digital cameras. I think I can honestly say that I have just as many if not more pictures of Cohl than I do of Jyllian and I often catch myself taking pictures of just him now rather than both or just of Jyllian. Its almost like I want to capture everything Cohl does. I can't wait until summer when I am home with the both of them to get tons of pictures. If only I scrapebooked or did something with them :) rather then just posting them on the blog. However I did find a neat website that will put all of your posts into a book from your blog--I think that would be neat to do. Anyways I have tons of pictures from today of my littlest boy and know I will get plenty more this weekend. I will try and get pictures posted from today soon!
Happy Birthday my sweet boy! We love you!!!!!!!!!!!!