Friday, April 24, 2009

A Week From Yesterday...

I am just amazed at how quickly time goes--can you believe one week from yesterday Cohl will be ONE! Oh my goodness. I can honestly say it feels like yesterday that I was in the hospital still pregnant with him--the million times that I was in the hospital :) It wasn't the best pregnancy but so worth it--ever single minute of it! And so a week from tomorrow we will be having his FIRST Birthday party!!! I remember Jyllian's...of course its nice enough in June that we can have hers outside...I am not positive that we will ever be able to do with Cohl. I remember the day I brought him home from the hospital last year and we were having a snowstorm. We may just be having a snowstorm again this year on his party with the way the weather has been around here lately. Speaking of weather--I'm not very happy with the weather. Its been in the 70's almost 80's all week and then today COLD, GLOOMY and RAINY! Supposed to get some snow tonight and the rest of the weekend, I mean come one Spring! Anyways back to Cohl's birthday, I made two different invitations and couldn't decide on which one I liked the best so both went out :) I thought I'd post them on here for those of you who live far away could see them. I think they turned out pretty cute--but of course I'm biased :) I will be sure to post lots of pictures of Cohl's big day next week. We actually get to take him to his 1 year checkup on his birthday :) It will be interesting to see what he exactly weighs on exactly one year after he was born--almost the exact time too. He has definatly grown :) We're guessing he weighs about 18 pounds but thats just a guess. We're excited about him getting to have a forward facing car seat soon--I think he will be excited too. The little things you get excited about :) He has been doing lots of fun things but still not walking yet. Will walk holding on to our hand but not by himself--will walk all the way around furniture and has attempted to take his first step several times but thats about all. He will stand on his own for several seconds but nothing more...Jyllian didn't walk until about 13 months so we'll see what Cohl does. I will save all the things he can do for his 1 year post!!! Be sure to check in for that next week. If anything excited happens over the weekend or I get any good pictures I'll be sure to post :) Have a great weekend!!! We're hoping to get healthy as this is day 3 that I've been home from work! Has to get better from here right?!?!

Which one do you like the best????