Saturday, April 04, 2009

Spring has sprung????

Does this look like Spring to you?????
Yea me neither :) Too bad for us because its what we have!

So April has finally made its appearance and what have we gotten??? SNOW! April 1st, SNOW, April 3, SNOW, April 4, SNOW!!!! I am sooo tired of snow. Since we have been home from our vacation we have had 3 snowstorms. Grrrr! It hasn't been above 50 degrees. I'm pretty fed up with it. I've had a very busy week. For it being the first week back after Spring Break it sure does feel like we haven't had a break at all. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I had Kindergarten Screening where we test all the incoming Kindergartners to help place them. It was my first year doing this and I really enjoyed getting to see these kids and test some of them, but oh my goodness was it ever a long week. I would get to work by 7:15-7:30 and not get home until 8:30. It was a long three days. On Thursday we had our first Volleyball game (Justin/I) and guess what time the game was at...9:00PM!!! We almost didn't go but we were playing a team that consisted of a lot of other teachers from our school so we just HAD to go :) We ended up losing but it was close. We had a lot of fun but it was after 10:00 by the time we got home and after 11:30 before I was able to fall asleep. So 4 nights in a row I didn't make my usual bedtime of 8:00 :) Ha! I was pretty exhasuted yesterday at work and ready for it to be over. We celebrated mom's birthday last night as I was not able to get to her house on her actual birthday due to screening. Everyone but me went over there on Wednesday to have dinner. We did surprise her with flowers from the kids! She loved them and it was exactly what Jyllian wanted to get her Grammie! I don't have a picture of them and haven't seen them but I guess they are beautiful :) Last night we went up to Casper and went to eat. We ate a steakhouse that we haven't ate at in a long time and it was pretty good. Busy but good. I'm glad we made reservations. It was nice to spend some time with the family.
So I will now leave you with some pictures I've taken this week. Hope you enjoy :)

My sweet little girlHiding....

Where is Cohl?

Where is he???

Here I am :)!!!